Start Your Future While in High School!

Wilson Tech has a program for you!

At Wilson Tech, students get a head start on their future by learning skills that employers need! Juniors and seniors in the 18 school districts in the townships of Babylon, Smithtown and Huntington can attend Wilson Tech. Students who choose a career and technical education program attend their home school for half a day and are bused to Tech for the other half of the school day. Ask your school counselor how to register for Tech.

CTE Skill Programs

CTE Skill Programs follow the same curriculum as their respective counterparts, except at a moderate pace and in a smaller setting. Students will receive preparation for entry-level employment and/or post-secondary education and are expected to function autonomously. Evaluative tests will be based upon students’ academic knowledge and practical experience. Employability Profiles will be utilized to evaluate students’ universal soft skills and work-based technical skills. Transfer into more advanced programs (CTE Programs) is contingent upon a student’s progress.

Exploratory Programs

Exploratory Programs offer those students requiring a more individualized curriculum and structured setting the opportunity to familiarize themselves with workplace skills. As in all of our programs, students will be provided with instruction and have opportunities to practice workplace skills on a regular basis. Ongoing evaluations will be utilized to assess a student’s progress. Transfer into more advanced programs (CTE Skill Programs) is contingent upon the student’s progress. This program will be ungraded unless requested otherwise by the district..