Electronics/Robotics/Computer Repair


Do you like tinkering with electronic gadgets? Come study the basic theory of electronics and how to apply the theory as you analyze and then construct circuits. After the course introduction to robotic concepts, students will build robotic devices. Students who meet the academic and attendance criteria in Electronics/Robotics/Computer Repair may enroll in Computer Networking the 2nd year.

Work EnvironmentCourse OutlineStudent Supplies
Electronic technicians experiments, design, fabricate, and test a variety of circuits utilizing electronic instruments. Computer Repair Technicians troubleshoot and repair computer equipment at homes, industrial sites or offices.
  • Game Console Repair
  • Introductory Electronics
  • Digital Electronics Concepts
  • Computer Software Application
  • Network Cabling
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnosis
  • Computer Components/ Installation
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Telecommunication
  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Routers and Switching Devices
  • Introduction to Computer Networks
  • Test Equipment
  • Power Supplies
  • Solid State Circuits
  • Transmitters/ Receivers
  • Audio Amplification
  • Digital Concepts and Circuits
  • Digital Test Equipment
  • Computer Hardware Upgrades
  • Computer Software
  • Solar Panel Electronic Systems
  • Home Theatre Design

Helpful Preparatory Courses

First-Year Students
1. Scientific calculator
2. Small hand-tools
3. ESD wrist strap

About the instructor

Nikko Santiago is a NYS certified teacher in Career and Technical Education. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Facility Management and Mechanical Engineering Technology from Farmingdale State College. His industry experience includes electronics repair and mechanical design. He holds NIMS machining certifications in Measurements, Materials and Safety as well as Job Planning, Benchmark and Layout.