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Admission Office
507 Deer Park Road
P.O. Box 8007
Huntington Station, NY 11746-9007
Executive Director, Nancy Kelsey
TEL: (631) 425-9050
FAX: (631) 623-4949


17 Westminster Avenue
Dix Hills, NY 11746
Principal, Karen Bowden
TEL: (631) 667-6000 x385
FAX: (631) 623-4904

Assistant Principal, Mark Campbell
TEL: (631) 667-6000 x384

Assistant Principal, Joseph Stango
TEL: (631) 667-6000 x384

Center for Alternative Education
Assistant Principal, Lisa Romanowski
TEL: (631) 667-6000 x304
FAX: (631) 623-4904

Adult Education Office
Assistant Principal of Adult Services including classes for ESL, High School Completion, and Adult Continuing Education
Carolyn Reilly
TEL: (631) 667-6000 x320
FAX: (631) 623-4922

Secondary programs at Tech’s Dix Hills campus:

Construction Careers
Architectural and Interior Design/CAD
Construction Electricity
Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Plumbing
Graphics & Media Careers
Advertising/Graphic Design
Audio Production
Digital Film & Video Production
Fashion Design Technology
Photography & Digital Imaging
Health Careers
Medical Assisting
Medical Laboratory
Nurse Assisting
Physical Therapy Aide
Professional Health Careers
Service Careers
Business & Hospitality Management
Criminal Justice
Culinary Arts
Transportation Careers
Auto Body Repair
Automotive Technology
Technology Careers
Electronics/Robotics and Automation

Huntington Campus

200 Little Plains Road
Huntington, NY 11743
Principal, Jennifer Paterson
TEL: (631) 754-2900
FAX: (631) 623-4909

Diversified Cooperative Education Program
Principal, Jennifer Paterson
TEL: (631) 754-2900
FAX: (631) 623-4909

Secondary programs at Tech’s Huntington campus:

Health Careers
Dental Chairside Assisting
Veterinary Medical Assisting

Service Careers
Early Childhood Education

Technology Careers
Computer Game Design

Diversified Career & Technical Education

CTE Skill Programs

Auto Technology Skills
Business & Customer Relation Skills
Construction Skills
Culinary Skills
Electronic/Robotic Skills
Graphic Art Skills
Health Care/Medical Assisting Skills
Small Animal Care Skills

Exploratory Programs

Hospitality & Office Procedures
Retail/Customer Service

Northport Campus

152 Laurel Hill Road
Northport, NY 11768
Principal, Dr. Stephanie Engelmann
TEL: (631) 261-3600
FAX: (631) 623-4907
TEL: (631) 261-3600 x 200

Secondary programs at Tech’s Northport campus:

Service Careers
Transportation Careers
Automotive Technology

Republic Airport Campus

7200 Republic Airport
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Principal, Daniel Loughran
TEL: (631) 752-1957
FAX: (631) 623-4906

Secondary programs at Tech’s Republic campus:

Health Careers
Nurse Assisting

Service Careers
Certified Personal Trainer
Criminal Justice

Transportation Careers
Aircraft/Drone Technology
Aviation Science/Flight