Advertising Art & Design

Explore concepts in print and digital media including illustration, lettering, layout design, logos, and advertising animation that you can display in your professional portfolio. You will have the opportunity to develop graphic design and advertising skills that will help you pursue additional training.

Work EnvironmentCourse OutlineStudent Supplies
Most graphic artists work as staff or freelance artists for advertising departments of companies, printing and publishing firms, textile companies, media studios, and a variety of otherbusinesses. Job duties include creating graphic concepts for print, multi-media design and web media. Other aspects of the job may include: developing advertising campaigns; designing logos, lettering designs, ads, stationery packages, illustrations, and cartooning.
  • Art Foundations Lettering
  • Illustration, Perspective, Color Theory, Drawing, 2-D Design
  • Job Interviewing
  • Portfolio Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • Digital Photography/Image Editing
  • Design Preparation
  • Digital Design
  • Flash Animation
  • Macintosh OS
1. (3) #2 Pencils, Fine line black sharpie marker, Extra fine black sharpie marker
2. Several erasers
3. One steel 12” or 14” graphic art ruler (pica and inches)
4. One plastic 10”(30-90 degrees) triangle

CTE Endorsement

Students must successfully meet the academic and attendance criteria for a two-year Wilson Tech Certificate of Completion, be High School diploma eligible, and pass the following national certification exam: National Occupational Competency Testing Exam (NOCTI) – Advertising and Design Exam.

About the instructor

Linda Giery worked as an art director for an advertising agency and an art publication. She has a bachelor’s in art education and a master’s in education. She has taught both high school students and adults and maintains affiliations with both fine art and graphic art professional organizations.