Electronic/Robotic Skills


Ever wonder how a circuit board works? Electronic/Robotic Skills will take you inside the computer circuits of burglar alarms, talking clocks and motion sensors. Build and program your own robotic car and then have a friendly competition with your classmates to see whose car goes the fastest and farthest.

Work EnvironmentCourse Outline
Entry level positions assembling electronic components, sub-assemblies and systems require any one or a combination of the following methods: reading work orders, following production drawings, reading blueprints, assembly and schematic diagrams and receiving verbal instruction regarding work to be done. Electronic assemblers generally work in an industrial or laboratory setting.
  • Shop Safety
  • Hand Tools
  • Conductors and Insulators
  • Connectors and Connections
  • Hand Soldering and De-Soldering
  • Electronic Terms and Devices
  • Component Identification
  • Circuit Construction
  • Inventory Control
  • Rework and Repair
  • Wiring and Harnessing
  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Multi-Meters and Test Instruments
  • Basic Related Mathematics
  • Job Seeking/Job Keeping Skills